Wellness Recommendations

B-Annual Senior Feline Visits (Recommendations for Cats over 10 years)

Generally, ‘senior cats’ are above 10 years of age. The following recommendations are advised by Granada Animal Hospital during your senior cat’s bi-annual wellness visits. This is the standard to maintain basic wellness as dictated by your pet’s lifestyle and risk factors.

Complete Physical Examination every 6 months

Senior Wellness Blood Panel with Urinalysis (each at least annually)

Rabies Vaccine:

1-year or 3-year (to receive a 3-year pet must have received a 1-year vaccine first)

FVRCP Vaccine:

1-year or 3-year duration depending on lifestyle

Annual Heartworm Test

Testing and verification of heartworm prevention

Annual Intestinal Parasite Test

*If needed or not done prior to visit

Lifestyle and risk-based recommendations:

  • Feline Leukemia/FIV Testing
  • Feline Leukemia 2-year Vaccination

Additional things to consider:

  • Is your pet microchipped?
  • Are you keeping up with your pet’s oral care at home?
  • Are you feeding a clinically tested, veterinarian approved diet?
  • What is your pet’s weight and body condition score?
  • Does your cat need hairball control?
  • Does your cat have any breed or age related diseases?
  • Have you considered joint supplements to help ease your cat’s joint pain?

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