Our Team

At Granada Animal Hospital, we’re able to provide the best quality medicine due to the dedication of our amazing team! From our Veterinarians, to our Technicians and Receptionists. We wouldn’t be who we are without this amazing team of caring and compassionate people. Click on one of the profile pictures below to learn a little bit about each of us!

Dr. Shelby Wolfe


Dr. Shelby Wolfe has always had a strong connection with animals. As a child and growing up in Central Florida, she was fortunate enough to have a variety of animals. Dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, finches and other small birds, horses, goats, peacocks, chickens and ducks to name a few. Being around and caring for animals has always been normal for her.

Prior to veterinary school, Dr. Wolfe obtained a Bachelors in Animal Science and a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Education, both from the University of Florida. She was a 4-H/Livestock Extension Agent as well as the Practice Manager for a local small animal hospital.

Dr. Wolfe attended St. Matthew’s University School of Veterinary Medicine and North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine to obtain her veterinary degree. During this time she also completed her MBA through Davenport University. After veterinary school, she has worked in small animal practice, Emergency Medicine and served as the Shelter Veterinarian with Halifax Humane Society in Daytona Beach. This variety of veterinary experiences have given Dr. Wolfe the skills and background needed to provide excellent veterinary care to your pet.

Working at the shelter gave Dr. Wolfe great insight about the pet overpopulation issue, homeless animals and the benefits of spay/neuter. She feels strongly about helping those animals in need as well as issues such as spay/neuter and microchipping in case your pet gets lost or stolen.

Dr. Wolfe has a great love for all types of animals. She is eager to meet you and your dog, cat, hamster, bird, or iguana. Whatever type of pet you may have, she will do her best to help you in any way she can!

Zoe W.

Office Manager

Zoe has been the Officer Manager with Granada Animal Hospital since June of 2020. She has a bachelors in philosophy and a minor in leadership as a UF 2019 graduate.

She grew up in Falger country and has been working in the veterinary industry for her entire life as Dr. Wolfe is her mother. Her career in the veterinary industry began when she was less than a year old and being carried into the aimal clinic, and continues now as she works alongside her Mom doing business management.

Zoe's favorite part about her position is getting to work with animals and love on them all as they come in. There's not a day that goes by that is boring or uneventful in the veterinary industry!

Being that she is the product of entrepreneurial parents, she knew that she was in the right place once she started working alongside her family. There is so much power that can come from working with a family as close as hers.

In her free time, Zoe has a passion for painting, writing, and making jewelry. She also spends time working on her own entrepreneurial art project business.

Doris B.


Doris started in the veterinary field 32 years ago to help out a friend. She enjoyed working with animals and their owners so much that it became her career! Over a 20 year period in Georgia she worked at three different veterinary practices. She has worked at Granada Animal Hospital for the past 17 years and has enjoyed working with all of the pets and our amazing clients.

Doris is from Gainesville, Georgia. She and her husband moved to Florida to be close to their daughter, son-in-law and wonderful grandson.

During football season you can find Doris cheering for those Georgia Bulldogs! Doris is also an avid beach-goer with quite the tan during the summer months.
Doris looks forward to seeing you when you come in and helping with your pet needs!

Isabel P.

Veterinary Technician

Isabel has four furbabies of her own including two dogs, one barn cat, and a horse! She has worked for Granada Animal Hospital since 2018 and handles many of our pharmacy requests.

In Isabel’s free time she can be found at the barn with her horse or spending time with her family.

Isabel’s favorite aspect of veterinary medicine is pharmacology though she also enjoys the fast paced nature of emergency cases.
Isabel is looking forward to assisting your pets with anything they need!

Katie M.

Veterinary Technician

Katie started her employment here at the beginning of 2020.

Katie is a cat loving lady with 6 cats of her own. Katie’s kind heart transfers into everything she does. Her favorite aspect of veterinary medicine is the way that we can heal animals to remove pain and suffering.

Something you might not know about Katie is that she has quite the green thumb, taking her hand at growing giant sunflowers!

Katie is enthusiastic about caring for your pets.

Aislinn R.

Veterinary Technician

Aislinn began her journey in the veterinary field during February 2020. She has two horses, a bunny, and a dog!

Aislinn loves the variety that comes from being in the veterinary field as well as playing with the animals that come into the clinic.

Though not originally from Florida, Aislinn has found her place here at GAH. She also has the hopes of going to Vet school in the future!

Aislinn is excited to help your precious furbabies in any way she can.

Jamie C.

Veterinary Technician

Jamie was born and raised in Ormond Beach and started working at Granada Animal Hospital in March of 2021. She is down to earth and passionate in everything she pursues. She has a high school diploma and is working towards her Associates of Arts degree at Daytona State.

She grew up on a small farm and has always had a love for animals. She loves being able to make an impact in an animals life and share the love she has for them. She enjoys the feeling of helping animals recover after sickness/injury/pain and to see them smile once again.

Outside of work you may see Jamie at the beach, taking her dog for a walk, or getting creative into the photography world. She loves getting creative and sharing her adventures through photographs.

Gillian L.

Veterinary Technician

Gillian started working at Granada Animal Hospital June 2021. She was born and raised in Ormond Beach, Florida and has a High School Diploma, Associates of Science Degree from Daytona State, and is currently working towards BS in Biology with a focus in Pre-Vet at UCF.

Being apart of the veterinary industry has always been a great passion of hers. She finds gratitude in helping animals that cannot speak for themselves and being apart of a team that provides generous and loving care towards every animal. She loves being able to see a large variety of animals and play with them as they come in but most importantly she loves being trusted by clients to take care of their best friends through sickness or yearly check up's. She feels every day is a reward helping a sick pet feel even an ounce better.

Gillian knew this was the right profession for her when she got excited to come into work everyday. She is thankful to learn something new every single day and work with such an amazing team that is just as passionate as she is in this field. She feels that making a difference in an animals life is such a rewarding experience that she wouldn't trade for anything. She loves to spend time with her two dogs and travel as much as possible, the mountains are always calling her name. She is passionate about art and enjoys sitting outside with a good cup of coffee.

Mandi S.


Mandi is from Atlanta, GA and graduated from The University of Georgia with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She taught elementary school for 28 years before retiring to take care of her ailing Mother. After her mothers passing, she worked at a Veterinary practice in GA before deciding to move to the beach where she joined Granada Animal Hospital’s team.

She has always been passionate about two things in her life: helping people and animals. After working with children for 28 years, she knew it was time to pursue her dream of working with animals.

Every single day she is reminded why she chose this profession and is 100% certain that she is where she is meant to be... surrounded by incredible people and their very incredible pets!

Mandi has three precious dogs and “too many” very special, but mischievous cats! She was lucky enough to retire from teaching at age 50 and is now thoroughly enjoying this new chapter of her life working with animals and living at the beach!